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Osaka Maker’s Space provides a workspace, professional guidance and a large variety of tools

for woodworking, metalworking, electronics and other crafts. It is the place for anyone with a creative mind

who does not have the space, equipment or expertise to go it alone.

About Us

Osaka Maker’s Space is a DIY shop, providing creative minds with a workspace to dream up, design and create handcrafting projects. The shop is equipped with tools for wood working, metal working, electronics, 3D-printing, laser cutting, CNC design, leather working, sewing, painting, blacksmithing and much more. We harbour a passion for the experience of handcrafting anything and everything that comes to mind and want to provide other enthusiasts with a place to meet, work, learn and share.

Those who do not need professional guidance, can make use of the workspace and tools through a monthly membership. Alternatively, you can schedule a consultation with shop owner Ryan, who will help plan and realise your projects while offering good company and interesting conversation. For beginners, our regular workshops are the perfect option to get started on a quick, fun project.

Beyond our duties as Maker’s Space maintainers, we also offer services for hire. On request we can build custom structures for your home or business or make general repairs.

Contact or visit us to find out how we can meet your needs.



Laser Cutting



Get started on one of our workshops for a taste in the art of crafting. These courses are the perfect first-time experience for beginners.

Hinoki Sake Cups

Samurai Armor

Gundam Models


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